Friday, May 9, 2008

More Beginnings

I am having so much fun planning! I don't know that I've ever said that in my life! I gotta keep moving though, if I stop and let myself think of the tremendous responsibility this is I may never get up from the floor!

After our two week break when public school is done, we'll start this daily routine. Will we keep it? Only time will tell. I know I need to focus on keeping a routine for at least the first two weeks to get it in my head, then I will allow us to readjust. I have an hour by hour schedule written, but mainly want to just have this rhythm through the day. We'll start with breakfast of course, over which I would like to have 'calendar time' and a short Bible verse/prayer to start our day off right. Then we'll have a.m. chores and I'll start by taking time instructing my boy in math. (HA, me-instructing math!!!HA oops, a little self-doubt crept in...) during which time my girl will be doing review/drill using a math 'game' on the computer, or on paper. Then we'll switch and my boy will work on his own while I instruct my girl in Math. With the other subjects we'll flip-flop like this the times I've scheduled to spend individual time with them and have them work on their own. We'll do Story of the World together 4x a week just before lunch and after lunch we'll do science together (starting with Natural sciences). I've scheduled an hour of quiet play so I can keep on top of grading, planning, recording... then comes our fun reading time and when we'll fit in art and music studies.
Our quiet play hour will be interrupted by the summer reading program events our library is holding this summer. (That's okay, I'm regarding the quiet play hour as a dream that I want very much, yet am not quite sure if I will get it)
I hope to tidy the living areas in the afternoon before my husband gets home. The kids love to help in the kitchen, so I'll have help for dinner and they will be reminded (if I remember...) to tend to their afternoon chores. Then we'll have family time with dad for a park visit, some reading, a movie, a walk whatever strikes our fancy. I want to be a little more relaxed about bedtime, but I know how much I need routine, so we won't be staying up till all hours!
I want to be an organized person, but I know me. How will I keep my procrastination and tendency to day dream in check?
Maybe setting high standards will help me aim higher and become what I want to be.

I'm better than I used to be and not as good as I will be! That's a pretty good place to start.

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