Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stick to It

Other educators get In-service days, or conferences they attend for professional development. For the next three months I'm going to make personal development a part of my weekly plans. Every day I have a goal of reading from my list of books that are about parenting or educating. I want to read Dobson's Strong Willed Child and Tobias' How They Learn and You Can't Make Me, but I Can Be Persuaded and take notes on what I read that is applicable to the stage my kids are in. I want to listen to webcasts that I recorded from the incredible Heart of the Matter Homeschool Online Conference.
In my last post I mentioned living on purpose. Making excuses is not living on purpose and one area in which I always make excuses is writing. I've had the dream of being a writer for a long time. I usually just tell myself I'm too busy right now, or too tired. In my thoughts of the new year I've been making some writing assignments for myself.
The challenge or assignment is to write regularly. I have a much neglected writing blog that details my weekly assignments. My challenge is oh so corny, but hopefully will inspire me to write more. If you are a fellow writer, hop on over here and think about joining me in challenging yourself in the coming weeks.

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