Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Easing into the routine works

Usually, after a break, I've had our days full. We would do our full schedule. It was never smooth. There was lots of whining and complaining. The kids didn't do very well either :)
This time we've started with a lighter load, an I'm planning on adding subjects gradually. By next week we should be up and running. This has gone much more smoothly. I'm also trying to implement student planners, for the kids to get used to keeping track of their work more independently. That is still a work in progress and I'm figuring it out as we go.
I did complete my writing assignment yesterday and I've finished reading Dobson's Strong Willed Child. I'd like to make some notes about it.
I hear the baby digging in the dog food bowl. Eww.

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kimberly said...

good plan girl....hope this works out better for you, and by the way....if you have some good notes from that "strong willed child" book, you might pass them on to your "losing her patience" sister in law!