Sunday, January 10, 2010


Our church does a fast during the month of January. I think it lasts 30 0r 40 days, (I always forget!) and the first year I fasted one meal, choosing to read the Word and pray during that meal time. The kids were in public school that year and I was alone at home, so I fasted lunch and feasted on the Word. It was amazing. I have never had such a rich time in the Word, or such a time of feeling God's presence. The next year I was pregnant and did not fast any food, but entertainment. That was almost more difficult than going without food. I am way too addicted to TV, movies and internet. It was also more difficult to make time when the kids were homeschooling to have completely quiet alone time in the Bible. I am determined to make this year's fast meaningful. I am determined to be intentional about it.
I may fast a food item, like sugar or meat, but I know I am going to fast from reading my favorite blogs. Too often I distract my mind with reading (good, good stuff on) blogs rather than turning to the Word. I do so knowing that I'm choosing to not allow God to work in my life. It is much more comfortable to read a blog, than to read the life changing Word of the Lord.
I also think we'll be cutting out cable TV. We need to be intentional about budgeting and this is one easy area to do so. I will be able to use that time to study the Word and just spend time listening to the heart of my Beloved.
So that's what I hope to do. I have so much to pray about, so much that I want His direction in. I know God is faithful to reveal Himself to us when we seek Him.

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kimberly said...


we have been without cable for about a month first, it was so very difficult, and that made me really sad. Now, though, I am thinking that it was the best thing ever. When we watch tv now, it is for much shorter periods of time, and it had made me think of just how much we did watch tv! Anyway, good luck with your fast! love you!