Sunday, February 14, 2010


I said at the outset of this homeschooling adventure that I would keep excellent records of everything and be organized. HA. From last year I kept all the papers, kept an attendance record and did some journaling of our year. I think the whole Hurricane Ike no power thing and then the surprise you're having a baby thing kind of got me off track! The past three weeks I've been going through said papers, attendance records and journal and trying to organize it. Monumental task. When will I learn that it is easier if I don't procrastinate? When?

My husband has been out of town for the past 21 days for work. He is such a hard worker, enduring so much to provide for us. I am grateful for his incredible work ethic. His days have been passed on a small oil rig in the gulf of Mexico, crowded; dealing with bad weather and an uncomfortable bunk bed! To say the past three weeks have been hard, all by myself, is quite an understatement. The kids and I all got sick the first week, I lost my voice, I've done the youth services during this time (with the help of amazing youth sponsors) and now, the day before he returns, Kaity is sick with a stomach bug, keeping her, Jeremiah and I home from church. Some dear friends are picking up Charlie and taking care of youth tonight for me.

The school record keeping has yet to be finished. Then again, I think I function better with multiple things going at once. At least I'm going to keep telling myself that, cause I don't think life is about to get any simpler!

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