Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Many big changes are in the works around here that will effect every aspect of our lives. I will share more soon, but since there is so much to consider it has been difficult to keep my head! I've tried to keep school going strong and we've made some progress. I've also kept working on keeping our records up to date.
One thing I know for sure is that we will be homeschooling again next year. There was some question, but now that it is settled I am trying to make some rough plans for the rest of this year and for next year. Mainly my plans for next year are to estimate our curriculum costs so we can plan accordingly. A very daunting fact is that Charles will be starting 5th grade. Oh my. He is growing into such a great young man. I am aware daily of how short our time is left with him before he ventures out on his own. My heart is heavy with that realization. But I take a deep breath and dive back into the here and now.

Kaitlyn will be a third grader next year and since we've already been on that road with Charles I feel more aware of what will come. She is such a smart girl, and willing to sit and work at school. I'm hoping that stays the same. I like thinking that the groundwork we've laid for the last two years will lead to even more success. With Charles' third grade year we were undoing what had happened with public school. The progress he's made recently is with math. We've been memorizing multiplication facts. I remember how much I hated doing that when I was in school, but consequently I now know them better than ever! He also is gaining mastery with these facts.

One change I have been thinking of for some time is to end this blog. The things on our horizon have the potential to be very time consuming, in a good way. This blog has sometimes been just one more thing to do. It also has been therapeutic and a great way to remember our journey.
I am thankful that in times of change I know that God never changes. I am also thankful for times when He shows more of Himself to me through the crazy times in my life. He is my rock.

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kimberly said...

i know i dont really get a vote...but i hope you keep blogging....keeps me updated in more detail than facebook. HA! love you guys!