Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homemade Christmas

I have a large fabric stash and old clothes that are just waiting to be repurposed. I have people I love that never recieve gifts from me cause I can't afford it. I want to make them Christmas gifts this year. I think you either have money or time. I used to think I had time... now I'm not so sure. I really want to make time to do this amid the other chaos. Sometimes when I craft I feel better- like being creative lets me recharge somehow. I've been collecting ideas for a while now and starting some crafting in the few stolen moments when I should be folding laundry! :)

Christmas gift ideas
 cowl scarf tutorial
 another cowl scarf
 scarf with ruffle (t-shirt fabric)
 fabric flower tutorials
 ruffled flannel scarf

Girl or Boy:
Doodle Frame
ipod monster cover (yikes this looks complicated, but Charles is using an old iphone (the first generation, Gaylen's old-est phone) and it is nearly impossible to find cases for it. I'll have to give it a try.)

Tonight I'll be making fabric roses and searching this amazing site with sewing patterns of every thing. Seriously anything you can think of is on this site. Well... almost. :)

After that I'll be folding laundry, cause the pile is about to take over my bedroom.

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Leila said...

I always try to do some hand made things and then there is always a gift of some sort of food. People always appreciate that!
We just do what we can do, and let the rest go!
God bless!