Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scrutinize: Our Schedule

My husband is the program director of a Christian Coffeehouse, whose main outreach is youth ministry in our area. There are big things in the works and I can't wait to see what else God does in us and through us. I love to be involved with the ministries going on, whether it is behind the scenes or front and center. My husband wants me to be involved. We have been participating and leading youth ministry for more than 8 years now. My other involvements include being on the worship team at church, helping from time to time in the nursery there and membership in a Christian writer's group. The ministry at the coffeehouse requires the biggest time investment and is the most un-scheduled of all my involvements. The ministry is where we are at the center of God's will; it is our calling. As a family, for a long while now, we have centered our lives around serving God in whatever way we can. This is non-negotiable in our schedules right now. Some details of what this ministry involves:
    Friday nights is youth ministry night. The big kids help with the baby upstairs, while the coffeehouse is open. When we move to a house and don't live at the coffeehouse, we will have to employ a regular babysitter. I won't miss this night-it is our ministry's main focus.
   My husband cleans the coffeehouse during the week and makes sure the supplies are stocked. He maintains the website, Facebook page, handles some email and phone messages. I can help with these things but am usually not required to. He attends city meetings, goes to interviews for local tv broadcasts, learns about our low power radio station and makes many connections with the goal of raising awareness about the ministry going on here. I am usually not involved in this capacity either.
   Saturday morning coffee. Coffeehouse is open to the public. I usually help run the coffeebar as well as bake something each week to sell. We have some volunteers who are faithful to help. If the other volunteers can't make it, then my husband and I are committed to doing this with the main goal of giving the members of this community opportunity to come in and build connections. So there are times that I could miss this, but not often.
   Saturday evenings are set aside for special events like concerts. I usually don't have many responsibilities then- I do help make meals for visiting bands. Monday night football is another event during the week that I have no involvement in.
With weekends so busy, I  have not been faithful to set aside time to plan for school and that has been workable with using MFW- I just take whatever time I can in snippets to plan and get supplies together. I want to do better at this.
This week we've been having a fundraiser all week and that has seriously thrown a wrench in our routine, but obviously that is not a regular occurrence. What I must be prepared for is that there will be many, many things that will upset schedules and routines.
More to come as I examine how to make things work better around here...

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