Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The greatest benefit of homeschooling is being able to shepherd my child's heart and humble myself before God and ask Him to purify mine. (Amelia- The Homeschool Lounge)

We doubt when we see impossibilities, when we see things we cannot do in the realm of natural things. We doubt our calling, we doubt what God has said. In Luke 8:22-23 Jesus had revealed His will of crossing the lake. The disciples lost sight of that when it got difficult. God's will had been revealed. Can we believe that when His will is revealed He will accomplish it? (Milton Hubbard, Living Word Assembly)

These thoughts encourage me today. As did the great time I had with my kids today at a service project at our church, readying supplies to send to kids in Mexico. Still examining how to make this homeschooling thing work. Sanity savers for me right now are
    1) the Bible
     2) an early walk with a friend
    3) journaling- stepping out in writing adventures

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