Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tribute to Kimberly

Our apartment has no bathtub, just a shower with a glass door. For the baby we put a little rectangle storage tub in the bottom of the tub and fill it with a few inches of water. He loves the water and will splash delightedly for quite a long time. Since the shower is bigger than the storage tub he gets in and out of the water, pours water out to the shower drain and splashes. So I sit with the bathroom door open, pull up a chair and watch him play.
One day I sat with my laptop, glancing every so often directly at him, keeping him in my peripheral vision the whole time. All was great until I heard a "plop."  I see his arm move like he is throwing something. I had been reading, trying to catch up on a favorite blog. My mind wasn't completely focussed on what he was doing so it took me a minute to figure it out.
First thought, "Why is he throwing that washcloth? Now there will be bath water out of the shower and all over the floor."
His arm moved again followed by, "plop."

Then realization dawned. It wasn't a washcloth.

He had pooped in the bath and was throwing handfuls of it out of his bath water. Nothing like nice warm water to get things moving, I guess. It wasn't the first time I've wondered how to disinfect the entire baby.
(The first being when I turned around to find him sitting naked in the toilet, splashing away.)

This tops any poo story from the other two kids.

The line from the Madagascar cartoon movie kept going through my head, "If you have any poo, fling it now!"

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kimberly said...

oh, Corrie! Welcome into my little world!!! Yay! I am no longer alone....That was not only hilarious, but well written. I just read it to Amy, and she was laughing right along with me and then asked, "why is that a 'Tribute to Kimberly'?" oh....if she only knew..........