Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School Room 2011-2012

Our home was built around the turn of the century and is a very large house with tons of character and lots more projects to be completed! The school room is where we store and organize our school stuff, and most of the time we start in here, then we move around the house while we live and learn! 
The school room is on the first floor of our home.
 Just through the doorway is the 'library'. The house was once a doctor's office and residence. The room we use as a school room was once an examination/surgery room! There are 3 living areas,  (not counting the school room) so it was obvious to me to use one as a library! I'm envisioning floor to ceiling bookshelves and a rolling ladder!
The school room also has a door to the bathroom  that is coming in very handy for potty-training the little one right now.

Our maps and whiteboard on this wall get lots of use.
These are hanging file pockets that I made. 
 The caddy on the desk is bristling with pens, pencils, highlighters and other things we need to have close at hand. We got the desk when an optometrist in town relocated and got rid of most of their furniture. If you were to open the drawers you would not find organization.

I tried to write a tutorial on how I made the hanging pockets. I'm not sure I'm a tutorial writer. I think it would just be confusing and these are not that expensive. These are helping us keep all the stuff that the kids use daily just a little more organized. My first born is thriving more this year with our attempts to be more organized!

 I am so thankful for these closets. This one holds most of our school supplies, our math-u-see blocks and other math manipulatives. The grey shelf holds activities for the two year old, just some hands on stuff he can get into while we try to get school work done including uncooked pasta to poke through holes in the lid of an empty oatmeal container, homemade playdough and coloring books with cute fat crayons. His big sis, who is 9, has time written in her schedule "Tot School Teacher," a fancy way to say- "play with your brother while mom explains math to the 6th grader in the family!"

Our art closet is very messy looking, but I did just organize it! This is a place for art supplies and all the empty containers and toilet paper rolls I save for craft projects. The fact that I can close the door on this closet helps my husband not think I'm a crazy hoarder!
This closet is always accessible to my crafty girl, who loves to get creative. Unfortunately it is also within reach of a very curious two year old, so this room will only be this clean one or two times this year!

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April said...

Your art closet is like my organizing-- as long as it makes sense to you, it's organized, right? Too often people get caught up in "organizational eye candy" but it's not truly organized for function. Great space you've got!