Monday, August 15, 2011

Lawrence Academy 2011-2012

Lawrence Academy 2011-2012

He doesn't really like to
have his picture taken! So I
snapped one just before
we took off on a bike ride
to the park.

6th grader  Loves video games, especially his newest interest, Minecraft
I love to watch how God is growing our oldest into a responsible, caring young man. His strengths are his compassion and leadership skills. He is an avid reader and a deep thinker. He sometimes loves to lead a little too much, even when those he's trying to lead don't want to follow! This year the focus for all of us is yieldedness but this young man will be applying it to academics as well as the changes coming his way as we all navigate the waters of pre-adolescence with him. Since the beginnings of our homeschool journey he has had times of reluctance with writing and struggles with math. This year has been a good start and I am optimistic that we will make great progress!

with "Mystery" the bunny
4th grader  Animal lover, jokester of this homeschool. Her sense of humor keeps us all smiling! She is smart and enjoys coloring, completing her work and reading. I love her point of view and am so grateful for the way she just gets right to work most of the time. However, my daughter is so much like me in her stubbornness! This causes us to have some serious conflict. Her challenge this year will be learning to yield, even without begin given all the details or explanations. Obedience without negotiation will be her goal. I love having a sweet girl to share time with in this house of boys!

When I see a camera I "cheeeeze!"
The cutest thing is when he scribbles on a random piece of paper and yells, "Me do maff!" He thinks he is doing school with us all day long. His big sis is assigned to him as a tot-school teacher sometimes and will be helping him with some fun hands-on, Montessori inspired activities. Other than that he'll be making us macaroni and hot cocoa in his play kitchen in the school room, or crashing his dump truck into the schoolroom desk. We're most worried when he gets quiet, as was the case when he decided to decorate the front room with permanent black marker (by the way, white toothpaste removes black permanent marker from wood-work without a trace!)

Mom will be trying to squeeze in some writing time, some reading time and hoping to stay more on top of record-keeping this year, in addition to volunteering at the FireEscape Youth Ministry and recording the daily radio show Monday through Friday with my hubby on KFEX. (Sometimes I might just drop everything and get crafty.)

Whew- it's gonna be a busy year!


Crisc said...

Gorgeous family! Have a great school year. Your youngest reminds me of mine =)

Theresa said...

Stopping by from the NBTS Blog Hop. Best of luck for a great year!

I have a sixth grader too!

Mommy Reg said...

I'm so excited for your school year. Having the bigs in charge of the littles is so good for both of them. We do that and the bigs always seem to learn along with the little they are teaching.

kimberly said...

I am in awe of you, Corrie. I miss you guys, and I miss those kiddos! We MUST get together soon so I can love on my niece and nephews!